Key Features
  • Works as a MATLAB-based program under Windows/Linux/MacOS MATLAB, or as a standalone application (Windows/MacOS/Linux, 64bit) for Academic research;
  • Open source;
  • Extendable with custom plugins;
  • Generation of multi-dimensional image stacks (3D/4D+colors);
  • Virtual stacking mode for working with datasets that are larger than available memory
  • Batch processing mode for automatization of image processing steps
  • Alignment of multi-dimensional stacks and images within these stacks
  • Volume rendering
  • Brightness, contrast, gamma, image mode adjustments, resize, crop functions;
  • Semi-automatic and manual image segmentation tools with help of filters and interpolation in XY, XZ, or YZ planes;
  • Train and predict datasets using deep convolutional neural networks
  • Quantification and statistics for 2D/3D objects;
  • Export of images or models to MATLAB, Amira, IMOD, STL, TIF, NRRD, Fiji BigDataViewer formats
  • Direct 3D visualization using MATLAB isosurfaces and volume rendering, Fiji 3D viewer, and Imaris;
  • Log of performed actions;
  • Customizable Undo system
  • Customizable Keyboard shortcuts
  • Colorblind friendly color schemes

Please check the list of all features for more detailed description and video examples

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