MIB version 2
Actual versions
MIB Matlab 2.501 [21.12.2018]
MIB Windows 2.501 [21.12.2018]
MIB Mac 2.50 [17.12.2018]
If you have a valid Matlab license it is recommended to use MIB for Matlab environment version!

To download MIB please select the distribution and press the corresponding button on the right:
  • Matlab version - this is recommended option for those who have a Matlab license
  • Standalone for Windows - MIB compiled for Matlab R2017a
  • Standalone for Windows, recent Matlab - MIB compiled for the recent release of Matlab
  • Standalone for MacOS - MIB compiled for Matlab R2017a for Mac OS
  • GitHub - MIB source code on GitHub, virtually identical to the Matlab version above
Please look here for installation details.

    Version 2.50-2.501 (21.12.2018)
  • Added hardware accelerated 3D volume rendering (Menu->File->Render volume->MIB rendering). The volume rendering can be used also for making snapshots and animations. Requires Matlab R2018b or newer!
  • Added automatic image alignment using detected features
  • Added 20 distinct colors palette
  • Added center point marker for the image axes (Toolbar->center point button)
  • Added shuffling of annotations to the randomizer tool (Menu->File->Rename and shuffle)
  • Added delete multiple materials from the model at once (the '-' button in the Segmentation panel)
  • Added split color channel mode for videos (Menu->File->Make movie)
  • Added possibility to change default filters for images (Directory contents panel->Filter combobox->Right mouse click)
  • Added contrast normalization for all layers
  • Added fuse of annotations during fusing of cropped models (Menu->File->Chopped images->Import->Fuse)
  • Added auto removal of spaces in material names when exporting models to Amira
  • Added loading of masks that are smaller or larger than the depth of the dataset
  • Added alternative way to specify a frame around the dataset (Menu->Dataset->Transform->Add frame)
  • [2.501] Added swap slices option (Menu->Dataset->Slice->Swap slices)
  • Improved Lasso mode in the segmentation tools
  • Updated Bio-Formats to version 5.9.2
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with R2018b
  • Fixed a bug in the object separator tool
  • Fixed instructions how to calibrate dataset using the scale bar tool
  • Fixed update of the current color channel after conversion to grayscale
  • Fixed conversion from multicolors to grayscale
  • Fixed insert of a new datasets into the open dataset
  • Fixed a bug of non working scroll wheel after aligning two datasets
  • Fixed combine files as color channels mode
  • Fixed missing values for annotations when imported from matlab workspace together with the model
  • Fixed computation of statistics for the models with 255 materials
  • Fixed of cropping of the selection layer for models with more than 63 materials
  • Fixed alignment for models with more than 63 materials
  • [2.501] Fixed rendering of combined image in the split color channel mode with Lut enabled in Snapshot and Make movie tools
  • [2.501] Fixed Copy Slice for the Insert mode

Click to access archive with previous versions of MIB2

MIB version 1

    Version 1.305 23.12.2016
  • Improved and simplified the Segmentation panel
  • Added list of recent directories
  • Added "Mask_" prefix to filename when saving masks
  • Added "FirstAxisLength" and "SecondAxisLength" properties to the Get Statistics dialog for calculation of exact lengths of the objects (ver 1.302)
  • Added default state of the link channels checkbox to selected in the Display adjustment dialog (ver 1.302)
  • The contrast normalization over selected areas in Z does not require selection of all slices
  • Fix of substructures in Dataset Info dialog
  • Fix of fine-tune checkbox for the freehand mode of the measure tool
  • Improved performance of black-and-white thresholding
  • Fix of add matarial bug (ver 1.303)
  • Fix of export annotations to a file for MacOS (ver 1.303)
  • Fix startup crashes for compiled MIB on some windows configurations (ver 1.304)
  • Update of font size for buttons and popup menus (ver 1.305)
  • Fix of a bug in the masked-based image alignment tool (ver 1.305)

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