MIB version 2
Actual versions
MIB MATLAB 2.831 [21.06.2022]
MIB Windows 2.83 [19.06.2022]
MIB Mac 2.83 [19.06.2022]
MIB Linux 2.83 [19.06.2022]
If you have a valid MATLAB license it is recommended to use MIB for MATLAB environment version!

Release R2022a is not recommended to work with microscopy TIF files, use R2021b instead

To download MIB please select the distribution and press the corresponding button on the right:
  • MATLAB version - we recommend to use this option, requires MATLAB license
  • Academic Standalone for Windows - MIB compiled for MATLAB R2021b
  • Academic Standalone for MacOS - MIB compiled for MATLAB R2021b for Mac OS
  • Academic Standalone for Linux - MIB compiled for MATLAB R2021b for Linux
  • GitHub - MIB source code on GitHub, virtually identical to the MATLAB version above
Please look here for installation details.

Version 2.8331 (04.11.2022) BETA RELEASE
MATLAB Windows, 64bit, R2022b

    Version 2.83 (19.06.2022)
    The standalone versions of MIB-Win and MIB-Mac come with R2021b, while MIB-Linux comes with R2019b
  • Added generation of image 2D and 3D patches around annotation labels
  • Added possibility to load part of the dataset for TIF files (right click over selected filenames->Load part of the dataset (AM and TIF))
  • Added Info field to measurements to supplement them with additional information (Menu->Tools->Measure length->Measure tool)
  • Added generation of pyramidal TIF files and batch processing of BioFormat files
  • Added the "show prompt" option to the Annotations tool (Segmentation panel->Annotations->show prompt)
  • Added [InheritLastDIR] tag to inherit directory name from DIR LOOP when saving images using the Protocol organizer
  • Added "end" tag to the crop operation for the Protocol organizer
  • Added Drag-and-drop model files to the Segmentation table to load them
  • [2.831] Added Destination: Current to Crop in the batch processing mode
  • Correction of pixel size for pyramidal formats when levels are not multiplied by factor of 2
  • Fixed loading of partial AM files, when step was set to 1
  • Fixed loading of TIF files with YCbCr color space
  • [2.831] MATLAB versions compatibility bug fixes
  • Updated Bio-Formats to 6.10.0
  • [DeepMIB] Rearranged Architecture into Workflow and Architecture parameters
  • [DeepMIB] Optimized to work without preprocessing of images
  • [DeepMIB] Added blockedImage mode and set it as default processing engine
  • [DeepMIB] Added dynamic masking for the blockedImage processing mode
  • [DeepMIB] Added 2D Patch-wise mode to process images in patches
  • [DeepMIB] Added Resnet18, Resnet50, Resnet101, Xception networks for the patch-wise mode
  • [DeepMIB] Added alternative arrangement of files for 2D Patch-wise mode where each class is stored in its own directory
  • [DeepMIB] Added "Load models" to the Options tab to skip loading of images when they are already preloaded
  • [DeepMIB] Added possibility to specify frequency of saving checkpoint networks (R2022a or newer)
  • [DeepMIB] Added percentage parameter to the overlapping tiles mode
  • [DeepMIB] Added possibility to select a single augmentation to preview
  • [DeepMIB] Added new 3D augmentations reaching 18 operations
  • [DeepMIB] Added DeepLabV3-Resnet50 to 2D semantic segmentation (MATLAB MIB only)
  • [DeepMIB] Fixed preview of some patches and contrast stretch in Activation Explorer
  • Bug fixes

Click to access archive with previous versions of MIB2


    Version 1.305 23.12.2016 [LEGACY RELEASE]
  • Improved and simplified the Segmentation panel
  • Added list of recent directories
  • Added "Mask_" prefix to filename when saving masks
  • Added "FirstAxisLength" and "SecondAxisLength" properties to the Get Statistics dialog for calculation of exact lengths of the objects (ver 1.302)
  • Added default state of the link channels checkbox to selected in the Display adjustment dialog (ver 1.302)
  • The contrast normalization over selected areas in Z does not require selection of all slices
  • Fix of substructures in Dataset Info dialog
  • Fix of fine-tune checkbox for the freehand mode of the measure tool
  • Improved performance of black-and-white thresholding
  • Fix of add matarial bug (ver 1.303)
  • Fix of export annotations to a file for MacOS (ver 1.303)
  • Fix startup crashes for compiled MIB on some windows configurations (ver 1.304)
  • Update of font size for buttons and popup menus (ver 1.305)
  • Fix of a bug in the masked-based image alignment tool (ver 1.305)

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