MIB version 2
Actual versions
MIB Matlab 2.10 [01.06.2017]
MIB Windows 2.10 [01.06.2017]
MIB Mac 2.10 [01.06.2016]
If you have a valid Matlab license it is recommended to use MIB for Matlab environment version!

Please click on a button to download version for Matlab (Matlab is required) or standalone version of MIB for Windows and Mac operating systems.
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    Version 2.1 01.06.2017
  • Added materials with 65535 maximal number of materials
  • Added export to Excel for non-PC platforms via xlwrite: Generate XLS(X) files without Excel on Mac/Linux/Win
  • Added automatic mode for interpolation of images shown in the Image View panel. When magnification is 100% or higher MIB is using the nearest method, otherwise bicubic
  • Added Median3D filter to the Image Filters panel (R2017a and newer)
  • Added running average correction to the Alignment tool
  • Added to the Statistics dialog generation of new models, where each object has its own index
  • Added find and select material under the mouse cursor using the ^ Ctrl+F shortcut
  • Added pasting of selection to all layers (Menu->Selection->Selection to buffer->Paste to all slices (Ctrl+Shift+V)
  • Added indication of material index under the mouse cursor to the Pixel info of the Path panel
  • Added possibility to save models for MIB version 1 (File->Models->Save model as...->Matlab format for MIB ver. 1 (*.mat))
  • Modified use of ^ Ctrl+C/^ Ctrl+V, now the stored dataset can be pasted to any other dataset in MIB assuming that the dataset have the same width/height. As result storedSelection property of mibImage class has been moved to mibModel class
  • Fixed export of models and masks to another MIB dataset for the compiled version
  • Fixed singleton running of MIB, now it is possible to have several instances of MIB run in parallel
MIB version 1

    Version 1.305 23.12.2016
  • Improved and simplified the Segmentation panel
  • Added list of recent directories
  • Added "Mask_" prefix to filename when saving masks
  • Added "FirstAxisLength" and "SecondAxisLength" properties to the Get Statistics dialog for calculation of exact lengths of the objects (ver 1.302)
  • Added default state of the link channels checkbox to selected in the Display adjustment dialog (ver 1.302)
  • The contrast normalization over selected areas in Z does not require selection of all slices
  • Fix of substructures in Dataset Info dialog
  • Fix of fine-tune checkbox for the freehand mode of the measure tool
  • Improved performance of black-and-white thresholding
  • Fix of add matarial bug (ver 1.303)
  • Fix of export annotations to a file for MacOS (ver 1.303)
  • Fix startup crashes for compiled MIB on some windows configurations (ver 1.304)
  • Update of font size for buttons and popup menus (ver 1.305)
  • Fix of a bug in the masked-based image alignment tool (ver 1.305)

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