Version 2.30 - 2.301 18.05.2018 (21.06.2018)
Matlab Windows, 64bit, R2017a MacOS, 64bit, R2017a
  • Added Lines3D class for 3D measurements and generation of 3D skeletons and graphs (Segmentation panel->3D lines)
  • Added the Image arithmetics dialog (Menu->Image->Tools for images->Image arithmetics...)
  • Added Rename and Shuffle tool (Menu->File->Rename and shuffle) to shuffle images for blind modeling and restore the models back to the original sets of images
  • Added alignment using multi-point landmarks (Menu->Dataset->Alignment)
  • Added export of volumes and models for rendering to Matlab VolumeViewer application (Menu->File->Render volume->Matlab volume viewer or Menu->Models->Render model->Matlab volume viewer, only the Matlab version of MIB, requires Matlab R2017a and newer)
  • Added calculation of 3D skeleton and morphological operations for 3D objects: Menu->Selection->Morphological 2D/3D operations, (only for Matlab R2018a and newer)
  • Added options to insert an empty slice into the dataset (Menu->Dataset->Slice->Insert an empty slice) and to insert an existing slice into another position (Menu->Dataset->Slice->Copy slice...)
  • Added modification of Imaris path from MIB preferences: Menu->File->Preferences->External dirs, please remove IMARISPATH variable from the system environmental variables
  • Added quantitation of objects in physical units (Menu->Models->Model statistics...)
  • Added recentering the view after click for the Membrane ClickTracker tool
  • Fix of cropping objects to files from the Get Statistics tool
  • [2.301] Added filter for filenames to the Shuffle and rename tool

    • Version 2.22 16.03.2018
    • Added value field for the annotations, thus each annotation can be weighted based on its value
    • Added possibility to do deep neural network denoising on GPUs with small memory, use the GPU block parameter in Image filters->DNN Denoise
    • Added the Simplify button to the Dataset Info window to allow remove most of metadata
    • Added rendering with Imaris models generated in Matlab (Menu->Models->Render model->Matlab isosurface and export to Imaris), require Imaris 8
    • Added rendering of annotations as scaled spots in Imaris
    • Added rendering snapshots with white background (Toolbar->Snapshot tool->white Bg)
    • Added Get Statistics for models with more than 255 materials
    • Added calculation of Min/Max/Mean/Median intensity projection Menu->Image->Tools for images->Intensity projection...
    • Added use of external BMxD filters [Matlab version only!] (Image filters panel->External: BMxD)
    • Added Add Frame tool that can be used to generate a frame around dataset with a distinct color or using various repetition methods (Menu->Dataset->Transform->Add frame)
    • Added renaming of annotations (Menu->Models->Annotations->Annotation list->RMB over the list of selected annotations->Rename selected annotations...)
    • Improved movie rendering performance for the ROI mode
    • Updated the Image Filter panel
    • Fix of error when opening Images->MorphOps->Morph Closing
    • Fix callback when selecting color channels in the Selection panel
    • Fix of opening of Amira Mesh files with extended headers

      Version 2.21-2.211 21.12.2017
      Matlab Windows, 64bit, R2017a MacOS, 64bit, R2017a
    • Added model with 4294967295 materials for tests
    • Improved object picker for models with 65535 materials
    • Updated TripleAreaIntensity plugin (ver. 2.211)
    • Fix compiling of certain function using the |-compatibleArrayDims| switch to be compatible with the new Matlab API
    • Fix of 'Fix selection to material' switch for models with more than 255 materials
    • Fix connection to Omero for the deployed version
    • Fix, the contains function replaced with ismember for compatibility with Matlab 2014b-2016a (ver. 2.211)
    • Fix of lost key press callbacks after modification of the segmentation table (ver. 2.211)
    • Fix of loading hdf5 datasets with time dimension (ver. 2.211)
    • Few other minor bug fixes (ver. 2.211)

      Version 2.20 14.11.2017
    • Added a new 3D Grid mode to the Graphcut tool; when used the fast interactive performance can be achieved even with very large datasets Menu->Tools->Semi-automatic segmentation->Graphcut
    • Added denoise of image using deep neural network (Image Filters Panel->Filter->DNN Denoise), requires Matlab R2017b or newer and Neural Network Toolbox
    • Added export annotations to Imaris (Menu->Models->Annotations->Export to Imaris as Spots)
    • Added insert of a dataset as a new time point: (RMB over the file name -> Insert into the open dataset)
    • Added possibility to do not calculate intensity profiles for measurements to make measurements faster
    • Added buttons to magnify snapshots in x2, x4, and x8 times using the Snapshot tool
    • Added reading of material names and colors when opening AmiraMesh models
    • Added utilization of the block mode for calculation of object properties for the 3D objects in the XY orientation
    • Rearranged the Graphcut, Watershed and Object separation tools to separate functions under Menu->Tools
    • Updated the Crop tool, the interactive mode allows to modify the selection of the area for cropping before accepting it
    • Updated calculation of curve lengths in the Get Statistics dialog, now the points are smoothed with average filter of 3
    • Updated connection to Imaris
    • Updated BioFormats to 5.7.1
    • Updated inputdlg to customizable mibInputMultiDlg function
    • Updated measure line/freehand length tool (Menu->Tools->Measure), now after use of these tools the selection is not shown
    • Fixed disabling of the selection mode after modification of measurements
    • Fixed movement of measurements after their recalculation
    • Fixed recalculation of voxels after import of images from Matlab
    • Fixed resampling of single slice RGB images
    • Fixed incorrect reading of the AmiraMesh header for the fuse mode of the Chop tool
    • [Programming] moved mibController.connImaris to mibModel.connImaris
    • [Programming] updated syntax of mibImage.clearMask

      Version 2.12 18.09.2017
      Matlab Windows, 64bit, R2017a
    • Added a new tool to detect a frame around images (Menu->Image->Tools for images->Select image frame...)
    • Added the auto-update mode for the Graphcut segmentation
    • Added possibility to count annotations in the List of annotations window: Segmentation panel->Annotations->Annotation list->Right mouse click over the table with annotations
    • Added export of selected annotations to Amira as landmark points or to Matlab: Segmentation panel->Annotations->Annotation list->Right mouse click over the table with annotations
    • Added saving of annotations to Amira landmarks format (Segmentation panel->Annotations->Annotation list->Save)
    • Added sorting of annotations in the Annotation list window: Segmentation panel->Annotations->Annotation list->Sort table
    • Added possibility to remove branches during morphological thinning: Menu->Selection->Morphological 2D/3D opetations->Thin
    • Added clipping with Mask for image dilation
    • Added shift of annotations during resampling
    • [Programming] Added material names parameter to call of mibImage.createModel function
    • Improved performance when selecting objects in the Get Statistics window in the the Add and Replace modes
    • Improved resizing of the Log List window
    • Improved update of the Graphcut window when switching datasets
    • Modified use of the E key shortcut, now it toggles between two recently selected materials
    • Fixed reading of metadata for MRC files
    • Fixed loading of models when only the z-dimension is mismatched
    • Fixed use of the block mode, when options .x, .y, .z are present in mibModel.getDataXD/mibModel.setDataXD functions
    • Fixed erode and dilate for elongated kernels
    • Fixed backup before interpolation for the YZ and XZ orientations
    • Fixed access to the Class Reference documentation (Menu->Help->Class Reference)
    • Fixed import of annotations that are in a wrong orientation
    • Fixed export of TIF images in the sequential mode

      Version 2.1 01.06.2017
      Matlab Windows, 64bit, R2017a MacOS, 64bit, R2017a
    • Added materials with 65535 maximal number of materials
    • Added export to Excel for non-PC platforms via xlwrite: Generate XLS(X) files without Excel on Mac/Linux/Win
    • Added automatic mode for interpolation of images shown in the Image View panel. When magnification is 100% or higher MIB is using the nearest method, otherwise bicubic
    • Added Median3D filter to the Image Filters panel (R2017a and newer)
    • Added running average correction to the Alignment tool
    • Added to the Statistics dialog generation of new models, where each object has its own index
    • Added find and select material under the mouse cursor using the ^ Ctrl+F shortcut
    • Added pasting of selection to all layers (Menu->Selection->Selection to buffer->Paste to all slices (Ctrl+Shift+V)
    • Added indication of material index under the mouse cursor to the Pixel info of the Path panel
    • Added possibility to save models for MIB version 1 (File->Models->Save model as...->Matlab format for MIB ver. 1 (*.mat))
    • Modified use of ^ Ctrl+C/^ Ctrl+V, now the stored dataset can be pasted to any other dataset in MIB assuming that the dataset have the same width/height. As result storedSelection property of mibImage class has been moved to mibModel class
    • Fixed export of models and masks to another MIB dataset for the compiled version
    • Fixed singleton running of MIB, now it is possible to have several instances of MIB run in parallel

      Version 2.01 11.04.2017
      Matlab Windows, 64bit, R2017a
    • Added selection of the model type to Menu->Models->Type and removed it from the Preferences dialog
    • Added 'Recalculate selected measurements' function to the Measure tool to recalculate distances and image intensities
    • Added possibility to exclude black or white intensities when using the contrast normalizaton of Z-stacks (Menu->Image->Contrast->Normalize layers->Z stack)
    • Added imresize3 function to resample datasets with R2017a (40-50% faster)
    • Added calculation of annotation labels occurrence in the Stereology tool
    • Moved mibView.disableSegmentation to mibModel.disableSegmentation
    • Bug fixes

      Version 2.00 20.03.2017 /2.001

    • With release 2.0 MIB has been rewritten to utilize Controller-View-Model architecture, which brings stability and ease of future development. However, because of that, the system requirements for Matlab were increased and MIB2 is only available for Matlab R2014b and older (due to continuous development of Matlab, the most recent release is always recommended)
    • Added offset shift for the rechop mode (ver. 2.001)
    • Big fixes (ver. 2.001)

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