Version 1.305 23.12.2016
    MATLAB Windows, 64bit, R2016a MacOS, 64bit, R2016a
  • Improved and simplified the Segmentation panel
  • Added list of recent directories
  • Added "Mask_" prefix to filename when saving masks
  • Added "FirstAxisLength" and "SecondAxisLength" properties to the Get Statistics dialog for calculation of exact lengths of the objects (ver 1.302)
  • Added default state of the link channels checkbox to selected in the Display adjustment dialog (ver 1.302)
  • The contrast normalization over selected areas in Z does not require selection of all slices
  • Fix of substructures in Dataset Info dialog
  • Fix of fine-tune checkbox for the freehand mode of the measure tool
  • Improved performance of black-and-white thresholding
  • Fix of add matarial bug (ver 1.303)
  • Fix of export annotations to a file for MacOS (ver 1.303)
  • Fix startup crashes for compiled MIB on some windows configurations (ver 1.304)
  • Update of font size for buttons and popup menus (ver 1.305)
  • Fix of a bug in the masked-based image alignment tool (ver 1.305)

    Version 1.233 07.10.2016
    MATLAB Windows, 64bit, R2016a MacOS, 64bit, R2016a
  • Completely rewritten alignment tool, now it is much faster and more reliable
  • Added loading and combining MRC models from IMOD
  • Added automatic scaling of scale bars for large snapshots
  • Added convertion from uint16 to uint8 using the currently selected display adjustments settings (ver. 1.232)
  • Added adjustment of the image contrast during supervoxel calculation in the graphcut tool
  • Added links to many short demo clips to the Help (ver. 1.233)
  • Improved performance of the shape interpolation tool (ver. 1.232)
  • Update movie rendering, now it will also render movies from 16-bit images
  • Update of the alignment tool for the YZ and XZ dimensions (ver. 1.233)
  • Fix of uncleared memory after closing of datesets, introduced in MIB 1.20
  • Few small fixes in the mib_measureTool and in the alignment tool (ver. 1.231)
  • The handles handle has been removed from getImageMetadata(filenames, options) the required fields handles.matlabVersion and handles.preferences.Font were included into the options structure

    Version 1.22 22.08.2016
    MATLAB Windows, 64bit, R2016a MacOS, 64bit, R2016a
  • Added extra options for exporting models and masks from the Statistics window
  • Fixed horizontal/vertical flipping for 2D datasets
  • Bug fixes

    Version 1.20 20.06.2016 (volume rendering/new installer)
  • Added Volume Rendering for small datasets (Toolbar->Volume rendering button)
  • Added the Crop To mode to the Crop tool (Menu->Dataset->Crop dataset...)
  • Added HDF5 format compatibility with Ilastik
  • Added split color channels mode for the snapshots
  • Added possibility to copy ROI areas to the Selection layer (ROI Panel->the ROI to Selection button)
  • Updated Image Description dialog (Path Panel->Info)
  • Updated the Chop/Rechop modes
  • Updated Bio-Formats library to 5.1.10
  • Fixed version check for MacOS MATLAB R2012a
  • Fixed a bug during object unselection in the Object picker tool
  • Bug fixes
  • java_path.txt was renamed to mib_java_path.txt and placed to the first folder on the search path (usually [username]\Documents\MATLAB; obtained using userpath MATLAB command)

    Version 1.10 07.04.2016 (update for 4D datasets)
    MATLAB Windows, 64bit, R2016a
  • Modification of MIB to work with 4D data (H,W,C,Z,T)
  • Replaced imageData.slices(1:4,:) matrix variable with a cell imageData.slices{1:5}(:)
  • Replaced imageData.slicesColor variable with imageData.slices{3}(:)
  • Renamed functions: getData3D->getData2D; getData4D->getData3D; getData5D->getData4D; setData3D->setData2D; setData4D->setData3D; setData5D->setData4D;
  • Added ib_getStack, ib_setStack methods for working with individual stacks of 4D datasets
  • Added flip time points of the dataset (Menu->Dataset->Transform->Flip T)
  • Added transpose of Z to T dimension (Menu->Dataset->Transform->Transpose Z<->T)
  • Added insert of an empty color channel to the dataset (Menu->Image->Color channels->Insert empty channel)
  • Added possibility to delete a time frames (Menu->Dataset->Delete slice->Delete frame(s)...)
  • Added additional modes for CLAHE contrast (Menu->Image->Contrast->CLAHE)
  • Added Bin2, Bin4, Bin8 buttons to the Snapshot dialog
  • Added the link checkbox to the Display adjustment dialog to link modification of settings for all shown color channels
  • Added Frangi 2D/3D filters to the Image Filters panel, the panel was also redesigned
  • Added t-parameter to imageData.clearSelection
  • Added reading/writing of BigDataViewer HDF5 format for Fiji
  • Improved data exchange with Imaris, added export of models as volumes to Imaris (Menu->Models->Export model to...->Imaris as volume)
  • Improved loading and saving of HDF5 datasets
  • Improved performance of many manual segmentation tools
  • Modified call of ib_moveLayers
  • Updated TIF reader to accept pyramidal TIFs from Zeiss microscopes
  • Updated Menu->Image->Invert image with various options
  • Updated programming tutorials
  • Optimized Undo functionality to make it faster and use less memory
  • Bug fixes

    Version 1.02 20.01.2016
    MATLAB Windows, 64bit, R2016a
  • Added resizing of panels
  • Added undo for the brush in the superpixel mode (press Ctrl+Z while drawing to unselect superpixels)
  • Added save models using the STL format (Menu->Models->Save model as...)
  • Added a button to change image interpolation type to the toolbar (nearest/bicubic) and removed bilinear interpolation from the visualization options
  • Updated the drawing of scalebars, now they are displayed as round numbers
  • Updated the Watershed/Graphcut segmentation tool
  • Fixed the length of a scale bar in snapshots after resizing
  • Fixed elements of GUI that were not properly resized
  • Fixed use of the memory function for non-windows operating systems

    Version 1.00 19.11.2015 (Official release)
  • Added X/Y calibration of the loaded dataset using an existing scale bar printed on images (Menu->Dataset->Scale bar)
  • Replaced function that calculates adjacency of supervoxels in the graphcut and classifier tools to Region Adjacency Graph (RAG) by David Legland
  • Added Stereology mode to count intersections of materials of the model with a grid lines (Menu->Tools->Stereology)
  • Added watershed superpixels and supervoxels to the graphcut segmentation
  • Added watershed superpixels to the Brush tool
  • Added watershed superpixels/supervoxels to the superpixel classifier
  • Added customization dialog for key shortcuts (File->Preference->Shortcuts)
  • Added detection of LUTs for color channels when using the Bio-Formats reader
  • minor fixes

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